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Visual & Lighting Designer

Trained extensively within the professional British Theatre industry, Steve Nield has been associated with the professional lighting & production design field for over twenty five years.  His work encompassed the worlds of fashion, corporate, dance, television, theatre, music, architecture and special events, many projects taking him all over the globe.

After starting his career in UK theatre he quickly moved into the West end of London where freelance work exposed him to the world renowned musical such as Phantom of the Opera, Starlight Express and Les Misérables.  During this period he was appointed head of lighting for the Dominion Theatre London giving him great exposure to a wide number of international touring productions.  In 1990 he was appointed as lighting programmer for the Royal Ballet & Royal Opera at London't Royal Opera House, at the same time he continued to work as a freelance designer.

Steve followed his destiny: to operate independently, as a consultant within his specialist field, which was to focus his expertise on a total production design approach, thereby allowing the creation of a seamless integration between all differing elements of production to be realised. Steve's philosophy and extensive technical knowledge, brings Lighting, Laser, Video production and Stage Design together into a closely-related 'family' of production. Steve's great skill and creativity then comes into play as he choreographs his 'family' into a coherently integrated whole, producing events of world class quality.

With the recent integration of lighting and visual media Steve recently opened a digital media content studio and has produced successful media for live event, architecture and Theatre.  With the carefully coordinated control of lighting and visual elements the end results are truly stunning..

Steve has been based in Asia for 17 years and has made Malaysia his home for the past ten; he travels extensively throughout the Asia Pacific region on a regular basis providing consultancy to a large and diverse number of clients on projects ranging from small corporate events to large scale international productions.


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