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Business Development Europe / Performer

Lily is a highly trained and technical dancer and aerialist. She has performed as a solo artist in concerts, tours, casino shows and television. 

Recently having worked in Macau at the House of Dancing water a Franco Dragone directed show and production. She has also toured extensively with renowned artists like Kanye West. Traveled from Asia to Edinburgh fringe festival to perform in director Zhang Yimou creative piece 2047 Apologue, and worked with many Asian super stars such as JJ Lin, Karen Mok, Jike Junyi and Hua Chenyu.

Spending the last 10 years traveling  performing and working on international stages, She has been most fortunate to also have choreographed and performed in show creations such as Lightseeker the musical written by Dick Lee a Resort world Sentosa production, Jack’s nightmare circus universal studios Singapore and Genisis featuring Magician Joe Labero with Dance Fantasy productions.

Lilly has a great way with artists and clients alike and is currently assigned to lead many of our CPG shows globally.


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