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Cirque Director / Performer

Beven is a former Nation champion of sports acrobatics in Australia. He studied at the Queensland dance school of excellence and in his younger years he studied with a scholarship at the Australian ballet school.

Beven later pursued a Career in acrobatics and circus, which led to him performing and choreographing his own solo straps at for the Great Moscow Circus.

Beven has spent the last 9 years performing for the world’s largest water show, The House of Dancing Water a Franco Dragone production; playing the main character of Jean in the House of Dancing water he was featured in interviews, commercials and high scale branding. Not to forget to mention his 21 meter back sulto from a hanging cage into a 4-4 meter pool 5 nights a week.

Beven has extensive knowledge in acrobatic Dance, aerial straps, Russian swing, bungee harness, high diving, adagio, hand balance and Russian bar. 

He also performed in stunt shows in Australia where he dove from 14 meter high pirate ship planks, jet skied across lakes and performed fast track tumbling.
Beven loves motor bikes, cars and anything exciting and thrilling. He brings all that energy to stage constantly.

Bevan is now part of the CPG CONCEPTS family creating everything circus from water shows to aerial acts.


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